Woodshop Repairs and Maintenance

Please post any known issues concerning the Woodshop here.
As the new woodshop lead I am trying to spend time in shop using and assessing the space and tools.
This will take considerable time and having your help identifying areas of concern will help tremendously in maintaining a safe and enjoyable workspace.


It’s been noted that the tablesaw bevel gauge is not set correctly. This probably happened when I squared the table to the blade some time ago after the move. At the time I didn’t have an Allen long enough to loosen the pointer to adjust it. I did have a look at it a couple weeks ago and the pointer it at the end of it’s adjustment, so it cannot be moved any closer. The table top will need to be loosened and moved over, maintaining parallelism to the blade, then resecured.

The stop is correct though, and has been ever since the adjustment was made. If an accurate bevel if needed, I would suggest using the digital angle finder, even if the table/pointer is readjusted as it has far better resolution than the pointer ever did.


Thank you for being the Woodshop lead.
I am interested in the ShopBot class and was wondering if there are any plans for a January ShopBot class?

There are ‘Intro to CNC/ShopBot Using Easel’ classes upcoming on the 16th and 30th


Thanks for the response, I am signed up. See you next Sunday.


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Hello, the blade on the small bandsaw snapped after I turned it off, and I didn’t see a replacement blade. I left it unplugged for the time being.

-Aaron W.

Thanks for posting. I’ll be down in the morning

The blade is replaced. I think that’s the last one for that saw.

BTW, what model are the big Bessey bar clamps? I noticed one was missing the swivel foot. I know that they sell replacements, but without knowing the model, I don’t know which ones to recommend for purchase.

Thanks David. Notice any obvious reason for blade break? Don’t know the models, but will figure out replacement swivel jaw.

Not sure but I had to make major adjustments to the tracking after I put the new blade on. I used it for several cuts after that with no problems.

Cool. If you’re around tonight let’s get together

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I may try to make it up there. I was up there until late last night and then couldn’t sleep, so I might be asleep by 5 this evening.

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I was there when the blade broke. I would have replaced it but did not know where the blade was located. Should we make a central location for all new and used blades?

The blade was on the shelf in a small package. There was also a resaw blade over there and another resaw blade under the bench by the miter saw. I put both of the resaw blades together under the bench. There are some other blades there for the miter saw so it seemed like the least unlogical place for it. We did talk the other night about some organization in the shop. Maybe trying to organize the screws and put them all in one place. Abrasives in one place. Stuff like that. That would make it easier to find stuff. Same with power tools etc

What did you do with the old blade?

I tossed it. It is probably still in the barrel next to the bananas if you want it

James, I have some old band saw blades if you want one.

I was thinking of convincing someone who cuts themselves less than I to do a woodcarving class and making several of these to support them.



Should be easy on the scroll saw