Woodshop Projects July 2022

Here is a pared down list of things I’m working on in the woodshop, a lot of which I could use help on.

Aside from demoing the soffit faces, these projects have requirements that I have not detailed, so please consult with me if you’re interested in helping or taking them on by yourself.

Installing wet/dry-vac dust collection. This will require the fabrication of brackets to suspend dust-deputy cyclone bins; bending, and running pvc lines, and fixing collection to the bandsaws, miter saw, and ShopBot.

The ShopBot needs a Dust Collection shoe. I haven’t put much energy into planning this, it could be wood/aluminum/3d-printed open to suggestions.

Cover south wall next to SawStop with plywood. Will remove the chalkboards, affix 2x furring strips to block wall and attach uninterrupted plywood. This will allow for table saw jigs and accessories to be seen and accessed with ease, provide space for straight edges and larger layout tools, and mount the donation-box, first aid kit, incident reports etc in a more friendly fashion. This ought to go quick and easy with 2 or 3 people.

Sharpening bench. Build a 12’ bench for sharpening tools and the small disc/belt sanders. Will also provide space underneath for the woodturner’s lathe cabinets when not in use (see below).

-Window removal. In order to install AC and exhaust I will need to replace some specific window units with plywood, and properly condition the exteriors for the elements.

Demo the soffits in both rooms. This can be accomplished little by little, and we should save the lumber and remove nails. Right now just the face needs pulled down, then a plan devised to remove the old furnace unit. The soffit in the tool room will be removed from the pony wall to the windows, south of the pony wall just the facing will be removed leaving a little loft storage behind the heater. In the assembly room the entire soffit will be converted to loft storage.

Two priorities are actually welding projects:
*Wood Rack- I’ve got all the metal needed to make 12’ worth of wood storage for the east wall in the tool shop. This includes 7 uprights that each need 5 horizontal members welded in place. all must be identical.

*Lathe Cabinet Casters- The rolling lathe cabinets are a little too tall to fit under a tool bench being built (described above). Angle and bar stock has been purchased to make some brackets for the casters that also support the cabinet’s plywood floors.

Thanks, and happy making!