Woodshop authorization

My name is Caleb Miller, I just finished my application for joining and waiting on it to be approved. When it does get approved, who can I talk to about setting up the authorization class to gain access to the woodshop? the next class is during a time that I cannot make it. I am eager to get in the shop and start making :grin:
Caleb Miller

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You can email woodshop@makeict.org or reach out to @squarenuts who is the Lead.

Hi there. I am out of state escorting my dad for surgery and will not be available to personally offer the Woodshop Authorization class until the scheduled Feb 21st class. I could however try to meet with you one on one before the next scheduled class. Please let me know, sorry for the inconvenience, I look forward to getting you making as soon as possible!

Hey no worries! hope everything is going well with your dad and he has a quick recovery. No rush on meeting with me just whenever you are available.

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Thanks! I’ll get in touch once I’m back and settled

sounds good, thank you!