Who scrap wood is this and can I buy some from the owner if its not community property

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i can trade, i have lots more than this. We can work this out, im very much a night owl, i usually get into the shop around 1am. I can always come in on a Saturday during the day. Shoot me a message, if there is something specific you want, let me know.

I have a 4ft piece of Cherry you can use some of I have not figured out how to cut thin strips of wood. What days of the week do you come in at 1am I get off from work at 12:30 on Sun, Mon, Tue at McConell AFB?

Its a cherry board

I’ll take the cherry, as for days im up there at 1am its mon-friday as long as the weather doesnt suck.

If you have thin strips im trying to make some inlay for a chess boards and i will stop to night after i get off work and give you the cherry.

ill look in my garage and grab what I have before i go to work tonight.