Wood for turning

I’ve got several log pieces that I’d like to share if anyone has interest in them. They are all fairly fresh cuts but have started checking already.

The first image is the honey locust. The thorns have been removed. The second image with all the insect tunnels might be oak.

I tried to turn some of the wood that has the tunnels and it exploded (image 3) when the gouge caught a tunnel… at least that’s the story I’m sticking with because I’m sure it couldn’t have been a user error. :wink:

If there’s no interest in the pieces after a few days I’ll discard them.


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At the risk of drawing the ire of certain individuals … woodturning isn’t everything.

Can I have a piece of the locust?

I don’t have a plan per se, but I’ve always got ideas!

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@james.a.seymour : You bet. How can I get it to you?

I was just assuming shorter pieces wouldn’t be much good for anything but turning. The offer is open to anyone that wants it.

You can leave it in the electronics room and I can pick it up from there. Just let me know when you drop it off so someone doesn’t electroplate it or something

not sure if it is still available but i would love a piece of the honey locust.

I’ll try and bring some more to town but it will be a couple weeks before I’m able to get it.

There’s a nice pile of mulberry on site that we’re planning to chop up and start drying for turning and “flat work” this Saturday at 2. Should be a fun and educational presentation, and I’m sure you could walk off with a chunk :wink:

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awesome. thank you.

Looks like the demonstration on cutting logs will be postponed to April 9th