Wichita Water Rebate Program 2021

The city approved funding again this year for the program. I contacted them and they said that the program does apply to businesses as well as individuals.

Up to five devices total across categories. The rebate is applied to your water bill as a credit so you have to pay up front for the devices.

We could maybe buy five rain barrels for the new garden if we have funds available to offset before the rebate would reduce our water bill.

Or, if any of the toilets or urinals that we purchased are on the approved list and we purchased them after January 1, 2021, we could get a rebate for those up to $100 each. That wouldn’t require any additional capital outlay since they’re already paid for.

Of course, just heads up for everybody personally that the program is back on. Think I’ll buy a rain barrel on Amazon for my flowers… Several models are under $100 with Prime delivery, which makes it free in the long run.