Whose Pieces Are These?

And will you teach me how you’ve glazed them?? Seriously. I can’t get any of my glazes to turn out well, but I love the look of these. Message me!




Thanks. Sure, I’d be glad to share what little I know. Glazing has always been a challenge for me. Like the great philosopher Forest Gump said, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” I finally started searching Amaco glaze combinations on Google & Pinterest, which has helped. I also joined an Amaco glaze group on Facebook where members share info, pictures, & experiences, which has also been helpful
Kay Scates


That’s an awesome idea. I’ll join that Facebook page.

How did you apply these glazes? Brush?

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Those pieces were actually ones that I re-glazed because I hadn’t been happy with the results the 1st time. What I usually do is set the piece on the wheel and brush the glazes on as the wheel slowly spins. I apply one coat, dry it, reverse directions, apply the next coat, dry it, and so on.