Who needs help making something? (Straw poll)

There are tons and tons of woodworking plans in the two cabinets in the wood shop. I’m sure you’ll find lots of articles and plans for bookshelves. Feel free to look through them. If you find something you like, you’ll need to photocopy it. The books and magazines there are for our use, but we don’t own them.

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I was not thinking of the size you were planning on, so the twigs/branches seem better. Here is a piece cut on our plasma cutter. It seems to be 1/8" at the smallest parts.


JB @JeremiahB our previous metal shop lead made it along with a ton of other things. I bought it at a fundraiser. It is 0.0735-0.08" thick ish. It is close to what you are thinking about doing.

Have you been authorized for the plasma table? If not I can try to scrape together some of my parts I want to cut, and help you out. If you want detail you would want to use the fine cut consumables.
@heathenfire79 Josh can expand on the state of consumables in the metal shop. Last I knew it was something like. If it is on the machine you can use it, but you should get your own.

I would suggest you cut the full size part on the laser cutters to get scale and verify scale and artwork. It won’t be complete 1:1 since the laser has a sub mm kerf vs vs 1/16" is for the plamas cutter.

Does the Fab Lab have copies of the files to cut commonly used images. School Mascots, iconic scenes around town such as Keeper of the Plains, CII, Skylines, or Kansas items, or national items?

@ssaner or @Christian Can correct me if it is something I don’t know about.

We have not supplied any copyrighted material that I know of. MakeICT ( @JeremiahB or @paul.maseberg) acquired the rights to a limited reproduction of the Keeper for sale, but I would think that does not extend to members.

@kim should have the Kansas State border. She was making a lot of Kansas based art on the laser.

Inkscape is a good tool to convert images to SVG. Then cut it on many of our devices.

Oh, I’ve seen the books in there, but had completely forgotten about them! Thank you. I’ll be sure to look through them.

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Thank You!


That butterfly looks pretty slick. I had to check but I did indeed take the
CNC Plasma class in Jan '18. I’ve also taken the laser cutter class. The
problem I have with both of them is that I didn’t apply the knowledge after
the class so other than the general idea of each I didn’t retain much. With
the computer side of each being my weakness I’m having a hard time getting

Your recommendation seems to be to make this a laser cutter project first.
I’m fine with that.

Do you think hardboard would be the best material for the laser?

I’ve also researched the necessary consumables for the plasma cutter. They
seem reasonably priced on Amazon. Between the shield, nozzle and
electrode do thry typically wear at the same rate?


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I just ask about the class, so you can do it later on your own. I have no problem being on hand. I enjoy seeing other peoples project. If you think you will be ready this weekend I should be able to come down the space for a few hours to work on some things.

I have to admit, I have not used the new software on the laser, so I will need to have a refresher from someone. I don’t know that I have seen any quick refreshers on the calendar. (I have not looked)

For testing I would say the hardboard meets the correct price for testing $0.

It should not mater where you buy the consumables. If you want them same day you can get the from several of the welding supply houses in town, but amazon should be fine. I would have to look for my receipt.


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I have a vectrix electric motorcycle that needs a new battery. Vectrix has gone bankrupt, so I have to make my own battery bank and use the old battery’s electronics and connections. I am not an electrician, but I can get the old battery out of the motorcycle. Because of the high voltage involved I’m afraid of working on the battery by myself

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My schedule is pretty flexible. Let me know what works for you this
weekend, afternoon or evenings would probably be better for me.
What do you need me to show up with? I’m guessing that having some 3/16
hardboard cur to size would be a plus. If we only get as far as a test part
off of the laser cutter I’d consider that a reasonable victory for the time
being. That would allow a break for whatever analysis in needed after that
part is cut and I can take an inventory of the consumables status and order
if necessary.



Depending on everyone’s schedule feel free to jump in the loop. I’d be glad
to help you if I make it down there. Your project seems pretty
straight forward and I think you’ll be happy with the result.


I am planning to be at the space a few hours before the member meeting maybe 12-3:30 then to to the quarterly meeting at 4-6 at the new campus. I still need to go over the new software for the laser. I found @kim wonderful document about the new software, so i don’t think it will be a problem, but it might be best to dedicate some time with you on Sunday. I have put a reservation on the Calender Sunday 2-3:30. Will that work for @AaronD?


I would be happy to cut the pattern for you. Is the white are where steel is left, and dark area is where it is removed? I am not sure if this is the pattern or resulting dyed print?

It is missing dimensions. If you could upload anything text description or picture of hand drawn picture. I not take any effort to create a pattern. I would be happy to sit down and give you a hand with Fusion 360. I like it for anything that has dimensions over inkscape. I have also done some 2d work with LibreCAD. They both fall in the $0 free area.

Will you be at the meeting on Sat 9/28?

I have had some Fusion 360 lessons. This is simple enough that I can practice. I need to find one of the ones I already have. I will be at the meeting tomorrow and at the space Sunday. I’m in no rush this has been on my mind for a few months.

I just wanted to give you the opportunity to have something cut soon, while I am helping Arron cut something plasma cutter. It is just as easy as putting more pieces on the table and hitting a button.

No rush, I don’t know if you want to have the fish or learn to fish. If you are busy, and a very low priority I understand.

We can talk at the quarterly meeting tomorrow.

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Sounds awesome. Looking forward to it.


Give a man a fish, he’s fed for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and he’s fed for the rest of his life.

On the other hand:

Give a man a match, he’s warm for a day.
Set him on fire, and he’s warm for the rest of his life.

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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Don’t teach a man how to fish
and you feed yourself. He’s a grown man. Fishing isn’t that hard.

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Well played. +1