Where do you need help?

Hey friends - I was going to post this as a question for all candidates but thought it might make a better discussion topic for all makers :slight_smile:

We talk a lot about how we need more people to volunteer, our key form even asks how you’re going to volunteer. It is obvious that a ton of work goes into running our space. Volunteering is awesome. What’s even more powerful though is leveraging and channeling volunteer energy - double yourself by getting someone else to do what you can do.

SO pretend a new member came up to you and said “Hey, I’d like to help out more, what can I do?” - how would you respond?

This actually happens to me fairly often. Sometimes it comes with additional things about them, everything from “I’ve got some time this weekend” to “I’m going to be bored in an airport terminal with a computer” to “I’d like to help out X hours every week for the next six months”. All different answers! But really, be specific, what would your answer to some of these different people be today?


There is always cleaning…

If you can program, you should. Contact the it group and say 'I don’t suck at what project needs help

Find an area lead and ask for a mundane task. Or an exciting task. Or create a task. Hey those cables hanging on the pegboard, want me to print something from thingaverse to organize that better?

Paint, mud, drywall, building repair. Plan a mural for the back hall, get it approved and paint it.

Find an unfinished special project and finish it. Giant arduino, cameras, muzzle for JB, roomba… is the vacuum not still a thing? Dunno actually…

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Muzzle loader for JB? Already have one. Thanks though

IS THAT A THREAT just kidding

One thing I didn’t do enough of was utilizing other areas to help square away mine. 3d print pegboard holders for the multi meters. Or woodshop small containers for the this and thats…