When do people sign up for classes?

Did some pulling statistics to see when people sign up for our classes, since I sometimes have teachers ask when they should check to see if people are signed up. IE, what’s too far in advance? When should I cancel a class for low interest, can a class fill up too fast, those kinds of questions…

20% of registrations are 12 or more days in advance. That’s a good reason to me for why we should make sure our classes are posted up 3-4 weeks in advance.

50% are 6 or more days in advance… so if you’re teaching a class this week and it’s not full yet, don’t give up! If it filled up faster than that, you might want to price it higher, hold it more often, etc etc etc. If you’re 5-6 days out and nobody’s signed up, make sure we have it posted on facebook. You can share the event with your friends even if you’re not the co-host. If you are the co-host, you’ll get notifications about questions or posts in the event, just let us know you need that activated.

25% are the day of or day before the class, people just love to jump in at the last minute. 16% are day of… the most popular day! There you go, planners! I did NOT see how often classes fill up or when, I kinda feel like based on our target audience it’s nice that we have spots available to jump into a class on the last day.

Hope this helps, at least I think it’s interesting. I like numbers!


Kim, great info.

I can’t take classes I’m dying to take because most of the time I already have committments, and that is for at least 2 or 3 weeks out.

Busy people do the most.

I often miss classes as well because I just don’t see the notice. Can you sign up for certain topics on this forum to make sure you see them?? Is that the “flag” thingy?


Flagging a post is to bring it to the attention of moderators or administrators.

I have not found any very useful way to do what you want.

Mike B

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If you set the notification level on the category to “Watching” you will get notifications for every post. I’m not sure what the default is, I think it might bet “Tracking”. The default is probably “Normal”. That would make sense.

Thank you!