Welding mask help?

I was given a new mask for Christmas, and I love it, but I’m not sure how to set it so that it won’t flash/blink multiple times when moving from dark to light. After doing a weld and pausing, I stand and wait for maybe 10 seconds as it flashes, before it lets me see again. Very disorienting and effectively makes me blind for those 10 seconds.

What am I doing wrong? If it’s settings, I’d love some advice on what settings to use.

For reference, it’s a Yeswelder auto-darkening mask.

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Is @JeremyL the Jeremy from MIG/TIG/Powder Coating? If so, I know he has the same or similar mask and might be able to advise.

What model is it? It should have a grind mode if it is capable of this. If you want to meet up some time I can have a look at it, or if you can provide the model number, we can look it up. Not all will do it though.

This is what my Lincoln 3350 looks like. You can see the grind setting on the middle knob.

It looks like there are multiple models from yes welder.

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Hey Gretchen

Here are the settings I had on my helmet.


Thanks, I’ll give @JeremyL’s settings a try.

Looks like it worked! The repeated “flashing” stopped, and now I only have one very brief transition back to normal view from dark after I stop welding/plasma cutting. Huzzah!



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