Wednesday January 4 2022 Let’s make it a party

Hi everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
So just to update everyone incase you are not on the forum, the ceramics studio is still closed. :pensive:

I am currently at the mercy of time and temperatures. Fingers crossed… we can be back up and running on Friday afternoon /evening…
The floors are not quite done but getting super close.

The space could use a good wash after the floor removal and while everything is moved out I thought why not, let’s freshen it all the way up with paint on the walls.

All this said, tomorrow around 5, I plan to be at the space with cleaning materials and paint, if anyone would like to lend a few moments of time to help out or offer up encouragement, or just check it out.

And as an added bonus, our friend, JAY… local chef and potter will be supplying us with some of his fabulous eats, so though he won’t be there in person he will be there in spirit.

So come on down, grab a brush, and a fork :tada::art:
It will be great to see everyone.
I know I don’t have everyone’s contact info so if there is anyone I missed please feel free to share this message.
The more the merrier :blush:


When you say tomorrow, you still mean today, Wednesday, Jan. 4, around 5pm, correct?

Just clarifying, for my sake.

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Yes indeed Bill that is correct
Today, Wednesday Jan 4
Thanks for the clarification

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You will to need let me in. I think you recognize me If I think you are who I think you are. LOL

I plan on giving you some assistance.

Plus you mentioned food. Is my help sufficient or should I bring something? I’m guessing, my body is needed the most. :sunglasses:


Yes perfect I am happy to let you in!
I just need bodies, no reason to bring anything other than yourself and some positivity!
Thanks so much for your help
See you later


How was the party? I’m so sad I had to miss it!

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Hi Tyra!!
Happy New Year!!! It was great. Had lots of help, sadly I underestimated how much paint the walls would soak up so we had to stop.
That said, I have more paint and am heading back to finish up around 4.


You all are so cute!! I’ve got time off tomorrow so if you still need help, lmk!


Thanks so much!!! I just realized how big everyone’s smiles are!!
I will certainly keep you posted