Watering help

So my dogs picked a fight with a skunk and lost.

If anyone could give my garden plot, the herbs, sweet potato vine, and flower garden a good watering for me today I’d be grateful.

Also open to methods to removing this.

Tomato juice did not work. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Stock up on fresh peroxide, baking soda and Dawn. It’s 1 qt peroxide to 1/4 cup baking soda and a teaspoon of Dawn per batch. Wash with it, rinse and repeat as many times as it takes. Keep away from eyes. There’s also a commercial product called Skunk Off that works but is pricey and harder to find. And I can water for you tonight.


This method worked wonders the year our pup decided to get sprayed for my birthday.


This totally worked.

Thanks! :sparkles::black_heart:


I live by the river, there is a lot of wild life. I let my dog out to pee and do her sniffing thing, only this time she got nailed by a skunk. Skunk pee was dripping off her snout. This happened around 1am on the last pee before bed. It woke my son up…lol…we did tomato juice. It did not work. So we tried concentrated Dawn dish soap, peroxide and baking soda. That got rid of about 85% of the smell. My dog had to stay and sleep outside for several days. I didn’t want the smell inside on the furniture. My house smelt like a Grateful Dead Concert was taking place out side…lololol…I gave her a bath in my driveway and changed my cloths in the garage but left them there over night. My garage smelled like skunk for a few weeks.

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Sherry, I used the same mixture on my dog. It worked pretty good


Michelle, i went to a few Grateful Dead concerts back in the day when Garcia was still alive and i can tell you, the smell of the concerts resembled a combination of dread-rot, onions and patchouli.


LMAO…I know what you mean

I will say my zum sea salt body spray covers the rest of the skunk smell well but yeah, it’s probably because of the patchouli.