Volunteer form updates

Time to update our volunteer form!


What needs added to the checklist? Right now it says:
Kiosk Build - Tuesday nights
Planning the Annual Meeting
Open Streets (September)
Inventory Party

I think I could get rid of everything but inventory party - then add whatever other bullets you want. Do we just want one big vague one for “new building” or are there specifics?

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@Malissa did a volunteer form specifically for the new building. She has provided that info to @Paula We have been using it as we have projects from week to week.

If it’s a google form I could embed it straight on that volunteer page - just send me the link!

@Kim, so you want my spreadsheet of volunteer info? I feel like specific skills, areas of interest/expertise, professional licensure and employer are all super helpful. As an example, today, I’d like to figure out if we have anyone who works for Sherman Williams. They have a matching program that would be extremely helpful.

The kiosk build is still a thing, although with everything else happening, it has slipped to the back burner. If there’s someone with mad Python skilz, we’d still like to have them.

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We have a member @BradCozine that might be interested in a challenge.

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Just stare into a mirror, say my name three times and I’ll appear!