Vacuum troubles?

Yesterday, I thought I’d sweep the floors at the makerspace. I wasn’t satisfied with the strength of the vacuum I picked, so I switched to the red one. I thought it was peculiar that the vacuum seemed to push backwards, rather than pulling forwards like I was used to. More peculiar when it started smoking from the head of the vacuum. The belt that connects the brush motor to the roller was twisted.

I cleaned and gave a sprinkle of love to both vacuums. The smoking one was completely clogged with dust. Here is a hose with the dust that was clogging it.

The vacuums should both work now. The grey one has a mechanical issue with the head, but it may be due to poor design. It works fine, but doesn’t brush carpet.


Yep, these need cleaned from time to time. Others have done the same thing.

Thanks man! Good work!

I’ve been in your shoes. Total pain but totally worth it. Thanks for doing this, greatly appreciated.