Vacuum form

I was wondering if the fab lab had a vacuum form? If not, would anyone else be interested in building one with me once we open up again? I’ve been thinking about making my own but figured I’d ask here if there was any interest from other makers.

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There is one in the fablab. We used it to make some parts for the Wheelchair costume build. When I say we, I mean @David ran it, and I watched. I made the mould/buck/puck. What ever it is called.

I don’t know the dimensions, I would guest 12"x18". It has always been something under a table, so maybe with the new room, it could get a proper workstation, and some improvements like a temperature gauge and timer.

If you are interested in helping out with this I would speak to @ssaner, I am sure he would accept any help.


I’m interested in this too I have made some make shift rc drone bodies using a shop vac. And a box table with aluminum top that has holes in it. I built form out of plaster of Paris reverse engineering the existing body. For plastic I used recycled plastic containers and a heat gun to form/heat it
It had suprising decent details


I made some videos when they were making the firetruck parts they should be on the drive under Logan’s EPIC Fire Truck Magic Wheelchair

I have a vacuum form setup but the heater part is on shambles now. It could be fixed up and used if needed.