I’ve been out of town and haven’t been by the shop in months. I’m wondering if we have a vacuform mold maker? And if so how can I get trained and using it ASAP?

We do. I think that your best bet is to ask Mike B for info and/or help. That worked for me, and if he isn’t busy he probably won’t bite. But he is acquainted with the equipment and knowledgeable about the process.

Yeah, it’s in the ERP lab…pretty sure that’s what that pot with a yellow lid and some gauges is…lol

Um, I thought it was black and in the Fab lab.
Ask @christian?

Kez Cook

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I might be thinking of the form mold pot that they use for resins? (can’t remember the technical name)

Yeah, now that I think about it…what I mentioned is not it…

it was in one of the empty Studios last time I saw it. Black Rectangle box. However it is known to trip the breaker, and could use a good onceover.