🚨 URGENT!: To be claimed or trashed

By the way, they cost $1,273 each.


It’s crazy how generous many of our members are. Mark and Rustin are wonderful people who put in way more than they get out and should stand as an example for the rest of us to follow. We have had many members over the years who have been very generous as Mark and Rustin are… At a minimum, we should at least be grateful to those who can go above and beyond, but I hope the community can learn from it and build upon it. The dream our founding members had of a community of makers who could work together to build a vibrant group to share and learn with has been more successful than I bet they had expected and I hope our makerspace will continue to outshine all others… I am very proud of what MakeICT has grown into from our humble beginning and none of that would have been possible without members like Mark, Rustin, David, Dominic, Gavin, JB, Mike H, Jess, Melissa, Barb, Kip, Christian, Logan, Matt P, Paul W,Tom, Curt and so many more that I wish I had the time to list…


Here is an album with all the photos I took: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pgmeg7idp4mMP9T57

If you see anything that has been claimed by a committee please make a note of it here. Most of the items in the room are not clearly marked as to their intended use. If you get a chance please also leave a clear note on the item that indicates the committee that is taking responsibility for it.

Any items unclaimed by October 8th will begin disappearing. They will be sold, donated, trashed, etc. depending on their value and relevant policies.

Any items that have been claimed by a committee also need to find their way to their new home or a more appropriate storage area. After October 8th we will begin bothering committees about removing their claimed items if they have not done so already. The goal will be to have all stored items out of room 4 by October 22nd so the room can be cleaned up and used for Halloween festivities if so desired. Any claimed items not removed by this time may be moved or disposed of in less than ideal ways.

Note that we do not intend to infinitely store items just because someone thinks they might be useful for something. Anything that has not been claimed and dealt with by a specific committee will most likely be marked for removal.


Is thrre a plan for which tables, benches, and chairs will be kept?

I do know @BJschelle wanted here fabric containers back once they were emptied.

The 3 placed in Textiles were not full so I should be able to take care of that soon.

So no objections to me moving these to letterpress, correct?


Thank you Christian!


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the Letterpress area would like the rolling book cart and the narrow upright shelf.

So no objections to me moving these to letterpress, correct?

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If these two items aren’t spoken for, the Letterpress area would like the rolling book cart and the narrow upright shelf. [PXL_20220919_160911214.MP] [PXL_20220919_160915596.MP] Let me know and I’ll see to it they’re moved within 24 hours.

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I certainly have no objection. They are not marked and have probably been in that room for years, so I say take 'em.


I want to try and use the black wire mesh panels in the SW corner in the tent for the Renaissance Fair. I wasn’t able to get back to them to measure them, but I think we can probably hang them from / attach them to the sides to make a great space for us and our vendors to hang stuff for display.


I have access to two more of tan rolling pegboard retail shelves like the one on the east wall if anyone wants them.

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Hey all, and @Inventory and @ladeana in particular. We are hosting the Wichita Board Game Group on Saturday with our normal board game night.

Is it possible to work on pushing some of those items out so we can take full advantage of the space and finish cleaning it up for our visitors?

Is it possible to use a room intended for such functions?

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In one of the photos @Christian is there a vending machine? That’s awesome! I’d love to know if no one claims that.

The vending machine is the woodshop’s

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I believe we offered to return them to him during the renovation when it became apparent we were not going to use them. I wasn’t involved with any of the hydronic stuff.

I would argue that Room 4 is significantly better for large group board gaming, as it is larger than the lounge, has many tables that are better suited to board games, and has much better AC compared to the lounge, which is normally pretty stuffy.

The lounge is nice for smaller groups, but the lack of large table (besides ping pong table which doesn’t really work well), and the relatively small amount of space due to pool table, ping pong table, foosball table, and children’s corner taking up the majority of the space available really hinders any chance of bringing more than a couple tables.

If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to consider other options. It just seemed like Room 4 was the best available and could use the attention anyway.


I think Aaron is referring to Rooms 1-3 which are larger than the Lounge, less cluttered than Room 4 and have tables that can be pushed together.

These two items have been moved to the Letterpress area.

thanks David!

@rustin.atkeisson Whats the plan for the water heater stuff then?