Ultimaker up, prusa down

Tried leveling the bed on the ultimaker, seems to have resolved the dragging issue.

Prusa is now giving a thermal runaway hot end error a few minutes into a print.

Does it have the blue silicone cover on the heater block?

It looked like the nozzle for the left hot end was lower than the nozzle for the right hot end. Is that normal?

I found the blue cover, it seems to have fixed the issue. That said, the cover is pretty beat up and could use replacing.

Yeah, looks like it fell off again; it’s pretty much trashed. I’ll bring one from home and put it on probably later today. We’ll get some more soon when we order parts.

No, they should be at the same level. It’s not a problem right now since the second nozzle is disabled, but I’ll make sure that is fixed when the thermocouple wiring gets replaced.

The silicone cover has been replaced and the Prusa is now happily printing away once more.