Ultimaker heated bed problems

the ultimaker bed has a problem. it thinks it is hotter than it is and faults out with max temp error but the bed is cold.

the prusa stands alone.

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Is a known issue. Bed connection is janky and needs to be resoldered

I’ll try and get it fixed tomorrow.

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It might be a known issue to some, but it partially works some time and then stop working. That is a recipe for member frustration, and wasted filament.

That is why I put the out of order sign on the bed, and wanted to post so nobody comes down with the intention of printing specifically on the ultimaker.

To clarify, we weren’t ignoring the the issue; I put some shims under the plug that seemed to do the trick for a good while. It’s definitely due for a better fix, though.



I was not my intention to imply that you were ignoring it. I just added the notice for everyone on the forum. It since it seemed to have gotten worse.

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The Ultimaker is back up and printing the last parts (hopefully) that we need to finish fixing the Creality.

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