Tuesday night chair sale (July 21)

Ladeana sent me a ton of photos of extra chairs we’ve got around the space, so I am going to be out there tuesday night to sell them all. I made a facebook event for it if you have any friends who might be interested:

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Is the peach colored (for lack of better identification) office chair fully useable or have any issues? If we don’t have many office chairs on wheels, I’d like to keep it at the space and will donate the labeled cost.

three people (who were not even me) already voted that we didn’t want it. given the stuff problem we have (and money problem we need), I feel like we should always err on the side of “get rid of it” at the makerspace. chairs seem to float in from the air like magic if we leave the door unlocked.

how about I see if it sells, and if it doesn’t, I won’t sweat it and we keep it around?

In general, we are not fans of upholstered things. for a public space we like non-porous surfaces that can be wiped down.


Not a problem.

They all seem to be priced too high, if the plan is to get rid of them

Sold the couch today!

I always price high, then bring it down as days go by or let folks make lower offers.


That wooden office chair sold yet?

I want the red chair I put my name on it.

@james.a.seymour - nope! the wooden one with wheels right? If you want it it’s yours - I emailed you!

@ammejia99 - the red blocky one right? it’s yours! you owe us $15 :slight_smile: I’ll put your name on it.

Do remember - the point of this sale is to get stuff OUT of our building, so please plan on a time this week to take your chair home! We’ll have space to work, you’ll have space to sit, win-win!

Do we need to put Terrance’s name on the orange one? @TerrenceL

oh also… we have a bunch of these chairs. The ad says 13, but I keep finding more. I’d love them to find a home, I haven’t had many inquiries. Everything else seems to be going fast:

@Paula - @TerrenceL wanted to buy it for the space. I recommended getting it out of the space - it’s upholstered, we have enough chairs, we voted to get it out… so I was still going to try to sell it.

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Nice chairs but I just don’t have a 90s orthodontist waiting room the would match… :smiley:

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Those square chairs with wheels (orange?) are genuine 90s Olive Garden chairs!

My wooden chair has a screw loose.

Oddly appropriate.

It did cost me an additional wife tax however. Now I have to make two checkbook covers…


90s Olive Garden? Truly a collectors item, people, I should RAISE the price!

Anyway, last night’s sale was not a well-attended event, but I’ve been getting a ton of interest over facebook marketplace, sold a couch and three chairs already. So I’m just keeping them posted, you can search all my listings!