So as I develop as a maker, I love to see areas overlap creative techniques to make a product. I am attempting to create a silk screen for ceramic images.
I start off cutting the frames on the laser

Then I stretched 110mesh silk screen over the frame.
I started on one side of the frame with a line of hot glue then pressed the screen into the glue to embed it then I did the same on one side next to it.
On two opposing sides I stretched screen with a series of dots of glue.

Then I took it to the screen printing room to apply emulsion.

I ran into Malissa and she was a huge help with getting my emulsion applied properly.
My last steps will be to remove from frame and to make image.
Then onto ceramics for screenprinting onto clay and stoneware
Using 3 different areas makes this a trifecta
And ceramics
Stay tuned for updates!!!


#THIS This is what MakeICT is all about. :heart:


Ok so I’m running into some hiccups with emulsion

Tried uv for 3.5min and even 5 min same results

3.25 is good. I normally hit the back side (side away from light) to get it damp then let it set for a minute or so. Then flip it and hit the lighter pink areas. If it starts bubbling, I smooth it out gently and let it dry. If a little emulsion is still in it usually comes out with the first couple of prints. I’m sure someone more experienced might have a better suggestion.

I’m a printshop noob, but does the emulsion require a specific “mesh size” for the screen?

I also think I remember Marc saying something about using as little water pressure as possible to get the emulsion off?

I’m curious to see if you get this figured out, since I’ve got 3-5 screens I need to make. I’m trying to decide if I just make my own and keep them until I need them next year, or just do it “one off” this time & recreate the screens next year when the time comes.

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Yea I thought of that too. Silkscreen my work logo on some shirts with some funny sayings like portals “we do what we do because we can” and see who noticed.

Then when I buy new shirts for work brig them and my silkscreen in and print them

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I’m still at a stand still with this project I’ve reached out to Marc via. Email still waiting to hear back from the area lead. Starting to wonder if the material is different than what we use. As for water pressure I have tried even running a lite pressure stream still got bad results. Gonna try a different technique for applying emulsion see if I can get better results. I’m using 110 mesh

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Do you remember what the screens were that we used for class? Were they 110 also? Keep me posted on what @Mlujan had to offer.

Did you clean the mesh before? New mesh needs to be cleaned really well so any oils and sizing from the weaving process are removed.

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Did not wash at all.
I will try that.
Soap and water?

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And a brush or scouring pad. Just sorry I didn’t think of that sooner.

Ok I had some success last night I used the old material that I previously applied emulsion to
But this time I backed it with an empty screen

The backed screen worked great
Gonna try using it today.


Finally it worked great I laid the screen across the pot put in some mayco AC-310 silkscreen med just a pinch to thicken glaze then pressed it in with finger and peeled it off
Used concept glaze will do a final picture when fired


did not get the expected results with image on silk screen because it was too light but going to reprint and reglaze fire.


So cool great job now you’ll have to do a class. Beautiful

So here is the final image



That looks great!!!

Oh yeah that’s fabulous!!!