Tic welding class

I’d like to take a class but I don’t see one listed in the next 3 months. Anybody else? If not can someone do a one on one class?

Usually classes will come out just after the first of the month.

No one responded to my email requesting classes for August, all instructors. Doug did give me a list for print shop when I asked. It’s hot in the building in August and people go out of town before school starts

Thanks, let me know if you get an answer.



You will need to take the metalshop safety and MIG classes first.

John Miranda usually teaches the MIG and TIG classes. I think John had said something about taking this month off to spend time with his kids before they go back to school.

I don’t have a problem testing you out on MIG, but John is a lot better at the teaching part of TIG welding then me.

Most of the area leads have been tied up with other issues for the past couple of weeks, but I’ll tag up with them during the next area/committee leads meeting to find out what’s going on.

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Thanks. I’ve done metal shop safety. Being retired I’m free most anytime. Not in a hurry so I can wait, whatever works best.

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I talked to John a bit.

He is heavily concerned about how hot it gets in the shop while welding or doing powder coating. It has gotten into the 90s in that shop a few times with either process going. He is thinking of either having the classes again when the temperate drops (so late August of September) or when I can somehow find the time to install an A/C unit in there.

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I understand, thanks.