Thrift Shop Hop-unofficial September 22

September 1st I want to go thrift shopping 5-6 store and lunch. Visit different types DAV, Goodwill, Cheap Skates, Plato’s Closet, some of the Church Run ones. This would be an unofficial event. I hope to get an agreement on what store people would like to visit and map it out spend about an hour at each store and have lunch somewhere convent. Who’s in?


I’m gonna do my best. :slight_smile:

Kez Cook

Board Member

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I want to join!


This sounds like fun, Malissa! I won’t be able to commit to the entire day but would like to join you for part of the time and lunch! Thanks for organizing!


I could be game. Penciled it in on my calendar.


I’m in!

I just recently found myself in need of new wine glasses (clumsy family) and replenished my collection at the DAV for a whopping 25 cents each. They’re all different so I don’t even need wine charms when I have friends over. Mine is the one printed with the promotional logo for TNT’s 2005 hit “The Closer”.

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I’m glad to see interest, do any of you have those spots you really like to hit? I think my top 5 would be as follows in no particular order:
Broadway at Central Fabric and Clothing
DAV by the base upscale casual and designer purses
Lutheran Shop Pawnee Seneca craft books fabric
Nifty Thrift Haysville work wear
Assistance League cheap vintage

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I luuuuuuvvvvvveeee the Assistance League! They’re the best! …I also go there often. lol.
I’m so game for everywhere! So, what ever ya’ll decide!

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Here’s the idea:
Please work out carpooling before event
9AM Breakfast with the board (optional)
10AM Assistance League and Second Story 2425 E Douglas
11 AM First Presbyterian Church (cash only) 525 N Broadway
1145 AM DAV 1202 W. Douglas
12:30- 1:30 Lunch Delano Dinner, Monarch, Le Monde Cafe & Deli (survey vote)
1:30PM Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Book-A-Holic 601 N West St
2:45 PM Gently Used Resale 2523 S Seneca St
3:45 PM Return to MakeICT share our finds, tips, and tricks

This is an outline times are not set in stone

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Please select where you would like to have lunch. I’m open to other suggestions which I can add to the poll.

  • Delano Dinner
  • Monarch
  • Le Monde Cafe & Deli

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I live in Haysville. Can I carpool with you Malissa?

Absolutely, do you mind going to breakfast?

I would love to join for breakfast.

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Habitat restore isnt on your list, but i just read they’re having a 50% off sale thru the end of August. Their stuff is already super cheap.

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They are next to Book–A-holics in the 1:30 spot

My father in law is coming to visit and he choose this weekend. Can we reschedule for the 22nd?

You mean tomorrow or September? I’m good for September.

September 22

I’m good with that.

Works for me.