This week at MAKEICT 12.22.20

CALL FOR HELP! ReMaKeICT Tuesdays is tonight!

Here’s the list for tonight:

  1. Finish closet in room 1 Dan
  2. Put brass plate on North door.
  3. Paint West hall
  4. Work on vent system in metal shop - Jimmy
  5. Work on vent system in Fab Lab. Steve Sainer
  6. Tidy up all D channel Gary

Electrial inspection is scheduled for Wednesday. Once we pass inspection everything can be put into its place!!!

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I’m not sure what is going on with my email but I don’t receive your emails until the following day. Yesterday’s came in this morning at 8:04 am.


Discourse sends all post from one day at the same time unless your tagged or comment. I haven’t messed with it but I bet there’s a way to make it come sooner. I also think it might be better to post on Monday, if I want to schedule a FB post I have to have a 4 hour leeway and I don’t always have that based on when our post perform best.