This week at MAKEICT 11.9.20

CALL FOR HELP! ReMakeICT Tuesdays 6-9PM. Come out to help!!
Here’s this week’s list:

  1. Clean both the mens and womens restrooms.
  2. Clean, prime and paint walls in West hall.
  3. Fold fabric in Textiles
  4. Buff floor in room 3
  5. Strip and prep floors for wax in breakroom, front bathrooms and welcome center.
  6. Scrape windows in rooms 2
  7. Organize garage area.
  8. Bag fallen leaves
  9. Design and build storage system for acrylic scraps using reclaimed wood.
  10. Rework work bench in west hall **see Paula for details.
  11. Design temp/perm display cabinets for each lab using reclaimed wood.