This week at Booth 9.29.20

CALL FOR HELP!! REMAKEICT every Tuesday 6-9pm

  1. Windows to scrape, prime and paint.
  2. Room 5 remove all excess hardware and glue. Tsp, prime, caulk and paint walls
  3. Finish prime and paint in south hall.
  4. Mens and womens bathrooms tsp walls. Get ready for primer.
  5. Trim out door way between welcome center and front bathrooms.
  6. North Entry - Wood work
  7. Screen Print shop finish painting wall color.
  8. Fix floor tile -Sam
  9. Book cases - Ed
  10. Shelving in Textiles -David
  11. Continue work on window panels.

If anyone notices any floor tiles that still need repair, take a quick picture of where it is and post it. Textiles, FabLab, and the section in the hall should be done. I think I found most of the small spots scattered around as well, but I’m sure there’s more.


I’d like to interview some volunteers on FB live. I’ll be there at 5:30. If you would like to be interviewed let me know.

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Tag yourself if you like I was limited to 10 pictures sorry if you didn’t make the cut this time I’ll post more later.