This week at Booth 9.21.20

REmakeICT Tuesdays 6-9 pm EVERY TUES.
Steve Owens is on-site every evening M-F 4:30pm - 7pm or so. We have members available through out the day and on weekends. Please reach out and let us know your availability.

This week’s push:

  1. Steve will be in the Fab Lab working this week. Please reach out to

  2. South Hall.
    A. Finish room 2. Carpet vacuumed, roller shades down, windows cleaned, scrape any loose paint, paint windows, check window glaze and caulking, hang window panels, touch up wall paint, paint down rods, touch up white paint on white board and clean carpet.

B. Finish room 1
Find a place to store furnace, sell yellow benches, clear the floor for tile removal, scrape loose paint from windows, repaint windows, clean glass, finish painting small closet, pull tile up (Sat Oct 3rd).

C. Room 3
Scrape loose paint from windows. Paint windows, move show cases, finish bookcases, clean room and set up.

D. Room 5
Install shelving, decide what stays and what goes, consoiidate to center of room, bulletin boards stay or go? clean walls, prime caulk and paint.

E. Finish all painting in south hall including North entry.

F. Welcome center counter and window trim.

G. Fix sink in front non ADA bathroom. Hang soap dispenser, fix paper towel dispenser.

H. Fix floor tile in hallways, entrances and welcome center. Doorway floor tile repairs fab lab, woodshops and metal shops

I. finish the wood work in the North entry

J. Seal floor in screen print, prime and paint walls. Move equipment into space.

K. Paint East entry above blond brick.

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There’s been so much chatter today bumping this back to the top.

I got some great night shots of the work outside as I was leaving. I need to take some shots from Mt Vernon with all the lights on in the classrooms at night as well.


FANTASTIC turn out tonight!!! We had 32 fabulous people out tonight!! Now that is EXCITING!!!
HUGE Thank you to the following: Please let me know if I’ve missed someone. This was from memory sooo. …
Frank - surging window panels
Carol - painting
June - Window panels
Malissa - window panels
Cathy - Window panes and a bazillion misc.
Steve Owens - Where do I even start the list is long. Tonight running security lighting on North side.
Jimmy - security lighting on North side
Anna - Painting!!!
Samantha - organization and cleaning of room #3
Ladeana - organization and cleaning of room #3
Bruce - furniture moving and painting
Ed - bookcases and window scraping
David - closet shelving!!!
Karissa - Tours and Parking lot and fire road discussion
Mike B - Parking lot and fire road discussion
Kris R - Parking lot and fire road discussion
Gary - Furniture/bookcase moving
Roy - Fab Lab Window etc
Doug - ADA stall doors
Joe - tours and met with bidders elec and hvac
Marti - Paint!!!
Angel - cleaning and organizing 'Welcome Center
Sara - Vacuuming and Painting!!
Darby- Painting!!!
Blake- Painting!!
Daniel J - checking in Will be back Friday and Sat.
Paula - Tours, met with HVAC contractor.
Paula and Jeff- HVAC
Sam - fixing / replacing missing or broken floor tile
Tom - whiteboards
Annelise - painting!!!
Much was accomplished! While many projects are the type one cannot finish in one night…great strides were made!!


I want to encourage everyone to come out and help!
-Steve is there in the Evenings 4:30 - 7 or later depending on if people come to work.
-Dan will work on Friday and on Sat
-Malissa, Frank and June will be out on Friday afternoon working on window panels.
-Malissa will be out Saturday morning from 8 or 9 til 12 or so.
-I can be there Wed evening.
If you want to work, we’ll find a way to make that possible. Please reach out.

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Yes 9-12 on Saturday

Last night was incredible.

LAST night was fabulous great to see all the new faces wanting to help!! So much excitement in the building. Thanks goes out to all!!

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Hello All Steve Owens and I are at MakeICT this evening. Come on out and help paint! Let’s get this party rolling!

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I’m Planning to be back at Make ICT in the Morning. COME ON OUT! There’s lots of stuff to do. I’ll be painting in screen printing. I’d love some company.


I’ll be there at 9 to work on draperies. Hope to complete the first set for one room today.

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Several busy here today. Feel free to join us!

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I am gonna not be there for a few days. It is a precaution. One of my adult band class was in contact with someone with Corona… and he is asymptomatic and taking a test… but I think it is better to be cautious as we have several with compromised immune systems and the like…

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Screen Print