This Week at Booth: 7-28-20

Here’s a quick update on some of the things going on at the new building!

Thank you to our many dedicated volunteers for making our new dream home a reality!

If you are interested in lending a hand, please consider coming to one of our Re-Make ICT Tuesdays work nights. There’s always something to do and a long list of tasks that need working on. If you have questions about where you might be able to help, please reach out to @Paula who is coordinating our volunteer efforts: .


Brad and Cathy got the concrete poured under the urinals. Next step, tile!

The vent for the new ADA sink in the women’s bathroom is in.

Sam and Jai did some wrenching and we’ve got a working ADA water fountain and only three more to go!

More fire and life safety signage is up on the walls.

Cathy and Steve were seen carrying heavy objects from one end of the building to the other. Again. And again. They’ve started clearing out the ERP lab.

Nick, Tom, and more squeeze into some truly tight quarters to get new water lines run for the ADA sinks in the bathrooms.


I love seeing the progress of the new building! It makes me so excited to see it coming together!

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