This could be for Electronics too

Is there anyone that just can’t enough enjoyment out of crimping Molex connectors on 20 and 22 guage wire? Oh, and stripping the wire is thrown in as an added bonus.

I am very clumsy at it because I have Craftsman’s hands and fingers. Shovels and hammers preffered.

If anyone wants to help or learn how to rewire my Monster 3D Machine and install a Duet 2 control board in an over-engineered Moneypit with great potential, It could save me time and conserve the Magic Smoke.

This is fair warning , I will be disappointed if the Magic Smoke is released.


I’m confused. Are you asking for free labor? At my job, this would be around $1000 min for someone to perform and probably even more money for someone to have to learn how to do it right (with no backup duets and wiring etc).

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Yes, you are confused. I was asking for a little help, not overpriced atitude.

Lets be nice now.

In fairness, I did have to read your message a couple of times to get the right picture. If you read it fast, like most people do on here do, it is easy to miss the words “If anyone wants to help”.


![70070553389__2D94D079-4964-471F-B3D3-A9195884EE4A|375x500]I (upload://p0SpYRETx7SDikPctZyvPMlwYP2.jpeg)
I upgraded my tools and taking my time. I think the woorst thing is everything will go backward. It can be fixed in configuration and firmware.

My biggest frustration is finding accurate up-to-date information, emphasis on accurate. But I’m learning more, just the slow way.


Everything will go backwards? How so?

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In my case, Murphy’s law.
If I installed wires in connection backwards.
I can either double check or just correct in firmware.
Just depends how lucky I feel. Lol