Things are progressing... and a brain teaser

Sup solder slingers?

This channel has been pretty quiet, especially since the move but that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. First of all please help with remakeict Tuesday. Second the ERP room is huge! Not everything is set in stone but we have plenty of workspace and we are putting a ham lab. No not like Larry the half hog in my freezer, I mean @TerrenceL is helping us build a radio station in the lab and we are going to start cranking out operators. All that ham and no cheese.

We are also planning to be the home to the printing press for the foreseeable future. So we can make our own laboratory notebooks! Most of all it will be nice to smell the smell of solder and burned resistors again. How “toasted transistor” and "crappy capacitors " aren’t glade plug in scents I’ll never know.

I don’t have an official open date yet but the more peeps that help the sooner that will be.

Till then here’s a little brain teaser. No digital editing for this.