Thickness planer UP AND RUNNING

Edit 2.0 new knives in and tuned left to right within 3 or 4 thou

Please use caution. I believe this particular event was caused by running thin stock, possibly on edge, that hit a knot and ricocheted around under and into the blade in a repetitive and explosive fashion. The incredible forces exerted by the planer can easily warp thin boards and these forces can be multiplied by hard stock and further yet by knots. When in doubt. Take thin passes.

Edit: New knives scheduled for delivery on Friday, will install as soon as I have them.

Planer is locked out pending repairs to be done in next two days, including tuning and partial blade replacement.

Looks like some very yellow wood was chewed up pretty bad. I’m sorry if anyone’s work was damaged. I would like to know what happened. So if this happened to you please hit me up personally or here in the forum.

There is a chance that this was associated with user error. If so likely scenarios include too severe of a cut and using too short of a piece.

The more likely scenario is that damage to the blade or head was not diagnosed when I worked on it recently as there was a lot of that and . Extreme attention will be paid this go around.

Regardless, I’d like to know what observations were made when the proverbial $#!+ hit the fan!

If a tool ever behaves in a way that is legit scary, please do not hesitate to lock it out, post on the forum, and call me! Aaron Rivers (316)253-4125 my name and number are also on the backboard in the east woodshop. It is better to have a machine down than to risk injury!!!

I will post what time I’ll be down here to work on it in case anyone wants to join.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Woodshop lead- Aaron Rivers

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Not sure who, but I think somebody has been working with a lot of Osage orange (hedge) which is pretty hard on tools as it’s a very hard wood. I didn’t have any problems to speak of when I used the planer a few nights ago.

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David, apt observation. Looking just now I found a large osage knot that was almost certainly involved.

I would like to stress that using osage is no violation of shop policy, but to please be aware of your material’s properties and use tools accordingly, and most important lock out any damaged tools, inform me, and if possiblepost the situation here on the forum. DAMAGED TOOLS CAN BE DANGEROUS TO LIFE AND LIMB.

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Where is a good place to get a little o dat… I need a new hammer handle

Every hedge row in Kansas!


Update. Probably a workpiece far too short or too thin pivoted into the cutterhead. Pic is of chips found inside machine


‘Every hedge row in Kansas!’

You knot-heads act like wood grows on trees…



Lots of hedge in the City burnsite up here in Halstead.

The trick is to get there before they light the pile on fire.


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If I save up money for some osage… is that a hedge fund?


Jokes > Shop Safety

Thanks for the backup on this guys!!!

No NO!

shop safety is an absolute must!

I make a lot of jokes but 'chall need to realize that shop safety is a big part of what keeps our doors open.

If you are at all unsure of how a peice of equipment works, contact someone. Area lead, assistant lead, whatever. If we don’t know we can direct you to who can.

I don’t fully understand what went wrong with this setup, but then if I was going to use the planer I’d definitely have someone help me. There is nothing wrong with that.


I was there last night/early this morning and it did look like the planer was used as a wood chipper. I noticed the joiner was making some weird noises as well.


Sheldon, thanks for sharing the observation. I will inspect the jointer this afternoon, thisevening.

UPDATE: New knives are scheduled to arrive on Friday the 14th. Will get the planer up ASAP. Thanks for your patience.