Thickness planer [No Longer] down 8/28/22 [9/1/22]

Feed rollers are not engaging. Will be able to assess by tomorrow night. No guarantee on when it will be operational, but as soon as I can get any parts if needed.

is the planer still down?

It will be up about 5:30

I’ll make a proper announcement when it is up and running fully.

sounds good :+1:

Planer back up and working 9/1/22

The planer is working fine. To my embarrassment it was working fine until I got to it.
The issue was actually that the speed control was not engaged.
I assumed the worst and pulled the gear box apart.

  • First time replacing it there was a gasket leak.
  • Second time the bearing seal had become dislodged.
  • Third time went great.

I’m now very familiar with the gear box, and it has beautiful amber gear oil rather than fouled black gear oil, so the 6 hours I spent fixing something that wasn’t initially broken weren’t entirely wasted… right?


An oil change is never a waste. I always hated it when I put something back together only to find out something went wrong and I had to take it apart again.

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I did feel foolish (this is a known issue and I’ve been made aware before), and did get frustrated and even defeated, but I wouldn’t say that I hated it. Thanks for the empathy though, definitely appreciate knowing I’m not alone.