The not so glamorous side of 3d printing

Anet A8 maintenance and upgrade

One thing the makerspace affords you is that we do the maintenance on the equipment. The printer expert maintains the printer, the wood gurus maintain the woodshop equipment etc. And so USING a piece of equipment becomes easier than OWNING one.

So I know a bit about 3d printing and my lovely adoring cuddlebug of a spouse bought me an anet a8.

The a8 is not the best 3d printer on the market. But its inexpensive and there is a big userbase for it. One comes at the a8 like one comes at an economic car. Proper maintenance and it will get you where you need to go. There are inherent problems with the a8.

The bed heater connector

So obviously its not supposed to look like that. The other big problem was with my timelapse. Inevitably halfway through the print the wife would turn the basement lights off.

I ordered a new cable to replace this one. I have a much better permanent solution in mind but that will take some research and development.

The Anet is a 12 v system. Know what else is 12 v? A car. So I bought four led license plate lights and today I got around to installing everything


Oh good… the pictures are out of order…

Now I just have to tighten some screws, grease a few spots, level the bed and off we go!

Here is the view from Octoprint