The new 3d pen is here


Born of solder and hot glue. “Brutus” was all set for 220. Then was sent to me for duty. Brutus has been converted to US power and is locked cocked and ready to rock.


@KezC would you be so kind as to get the hang of Brutus, and put together a wiki page on how he works and how to work with him?


I’ll get to cracking. :smiley:

Kez Cook

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Beginning of an instruction guide is here. Pictures will be added later, when the upload picture thing is working.

If anyone wants more specific information, feel free to add it! :slight_smile:


Good work Kez!


I am watching this.


What happened when you tried uploading an image to the Wiki? It seems to be working now.

Mike B


It blanked out after I pushed then upload button.

Kez Cook

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Hi Friends!

I’ve been looking for practical applications for 3D pens. I’m not sure I’ve found any yet, but this video has some pretty fun ideas:

Technically, the vid is a review of a certain pen (not the one we have), but he does cool practice projects.

Just thought I’d share. :smiley:


And another really cool idea video:


I haven’t watched the video. But even just adding a color layer on top of like a nametag you printed is super useful.