The Lounge (TM) presents: The Fight Before Christmas

Dear MakeICT Membership,
You are cordially invited on Dec. 24 at 7pm to participate in the (what I assume is) first ever one-shot one-page RPG session of “The Fight Before Christmas”! (Link to da rules)
This a simplified RPG system that rewards imagination and improv ability. I will Game Master for whoever shows up, no holds barred, be it one person or twenty. If it becomes a large enough crowd we will relocate to a classroom. All I ask is to come prepared to have fun.

Requirements to having fun!::

  1. Read da rules (it’s one page, super easy to do)
  2. Your character will be an orphan at a Minimum Security Orphanarium, come up with a character beforehand and if they are naughty or nice.
  3. Think of one (or multiple) reasons why your innocent child/character would want to enact vengeance on the personification of joy and merriment, aka Santa Clause.
  4. Bring a pencil, sheet of paper, and some d6 dice.

Bonus Points:: Anyone that brings group snackable items earns a free reroll of a failed anything.

Masking will be ZEALOUSLY enforced. Expect the game to last 3 hours give or take with a hard-stop at 11pm.

Please RSVP/question my sanity below.
C. Kringle Esq.

Please Note their will probably be swear words/violence/ect. so this will be a PG13/NC17 rating game. You have been warned.


Man I wish I could go, have fun guys!!!

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My thought was some people may not be able to travel to be with families for various reasons this year so why not play a game. We’ll see how it pans out. Playing this one page RPG has been a tradition for a couple of years now with my other Dungeons and Dragons groups, and my theory is there are enough nerds at MakeICT to make it worth my while.


I’ll try to make it.


Of people planning on attending, are there any food allergies to be aware of?

Going if your still having it!

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It is still on. So far the group is going to be around 6-7 people.


Masking will be zealously enforced?

The MakeICT policy on masking will be enforced. Bring a mask, mask up if you’re not eating/ drinking, have fun. If someone doesn’t feel the zeal then I would kindly ask them to not attend. If someone shows up anyway with a less then co-operative view on masking and refuses to do so the event will be cut short.

No one needs to bring the gift of covid home for Xmas.


Ah no problem I was prepared to dress up

I have to admit I have a couple of costume peices for it myself.


Having some car trouble and running a little late. Hope to be there soon

Had a great time! Huge shout out to Michael Atherton for GM the game;Great story! Came home and told the story to Carol! Lots of fun!
Thanks you for every everyone who joined in to play I loved sharing the adventure with you it was epic and Santa did not have a chance! Hope to play again soon with other adventures.
Merry Christmas


I agree, it was super awesome! I’m not sure we can take the credit for what happened to Santa though. I agree about wanting to do something like this again sometime.


It was a blast. Big thanks to Newt, Bag, Reiker, Miss Anthrope, and of course Bob.

Simon will Return…