The donor wall

OKAY! It’s been a running joke that I was the “donor wall” chair… I think it was dissolved as a committee at my request.

But years ago I did make some plaques to hang up, and I hereby New Years Resolve to take a step forward. Rustin helped me FIND the dang plaques (yay thanks Rustin), I want to hang them up, then I’ll work with finance to make more. But… baby steps!

I mostly have logistical questions. Who do I need to talk to about getting the signs hung up? Where are they going? What’s the best way to hang them up?

Is this a facilities committee question?

I think we joked about command adhesive but I think we could do slightly better… this question has left me in a stunned “do nothing” status for like six years. everybody told me to just hang them up but I’m afraid to do it wrong.

There are some in a photo on this page:


I would consult with facilities on how best to hang them.

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Thanks Ladeana! Who runs facilities these days? I couldn’t tell from the wiki - looks like they have a meeting next Tuesday but I’d like to email somebody since I’ve found that not all committee meetings happen according to the calendar.


@Facilities what say you?

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Joe Birzer is currently facilities lead


I’m not on, or speaking for the Facilities Committee, but in the past I looked at this system for hanging the plaques. It makes minimal holes in the wall, is adjustable, and expandable. It’s also a pretty small monetary expenditure.

My personal take is that South Wall in the West Hallway above the glass cases might be a good location for a donor wall. There’s also easy access to existing surface mount electricity for dedicated wall wash lighting to make the donor plaques pop.


If anyone wants to see this system, its in use at the Derby Public Library and I can put you in touch with a contact. [Also have the same system in our basement that’s available as well.]


not a bad idea for a system! plus once we get it started we might be able to DIY some parts - the rails are cheap but the cables seem like a lot of $$$ for what’s basically a picture hanging wire.

I was going to suggest hanging them up high in the north entry way - so as soon as you come in you’re struck with all the signs and think “wow I want to donate $1000 to be on that wall!”

but I’ll crash tomorrow’s facilities meeting to see what they think.


One thing to check for there… there are two different types of cables - the nylon ones won’t support as much weight, but certainly more reasonable cost. One of the big advantages to the system is the flexibility to hang changing sizes of art as displays change - but, I assume the donor wall will be more static.