The annual meeting is on fathers day

Hi makers - our annual meeting on Sunday June 17 at 5pm is on the same day as fathers day. There really wasn’t a good weekend for it and now that it’s announced everywhere we will not be moving it, but I am curious for next year if we should avoid father’s day. It’s not exactly a Christmas-level holiday. Last year our meeting was on Saturday, the day before father’s day, which I kinda thought was worse because people going out of town for the weekend would be gone. At least if we have it on Sunday you can go visit Dad, have some waffles, and get back in time for the meeting.

Anyway, for future planning, a poll!

How big of a problem is it to have an event on Father’s Day?

  • Huge problem, I can’t do MakeICT stuff on fathers day and will miss the annual meeting because of this.
  • I will have to re-arrange some plans but I can make it
  • This is not a problem for me, Father’s day is not an “all hands on deck” holiday in my life

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As handyman dads are a trope it actually seems kind of fitting.