Textiles dressing room & volunteer opportunities

I’ve been trying to build note books for all the machines in textiles that include their feet.

I got the pegboard up, thanks @Ken and @JeremiahB . I’m not sure if we have 2"-3" peg hooks . I’d like to get a lot hung.

I have money to build a dressing room but not sure how to draw it up. I have someone who is willing to build if I have a schematic.

I can build a schematic in cad… but as to how to actually do the building… not so much… but if we got a non cad builder, sign me up…

I think he needs the actual cut lengths and dimensions.


If you need a dressing room, have you considered a curtain on a rail? Given our limited space, it seems like a curtain wouldn’t take up any space when not in use.


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Hey Malissa, I am pretty sure we have 2-3" peg hooks, I will help you find them!

I also think a simple curtain on a rail would be a great movable dressing room :slight_smile: But I’m going to move these posts to a separate topics so we can bounce ideas around!

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There are curtained in areas directly across from the textile area, is there a reason why one of those could not be used to as a dressing/fitting room?

I’ve actually used those but there are open windows and the curtains gape. I like the curtain idea. The space needs to be big enough to hag item on the wall and possibly sit down if needed.

If we could commandeer one of those cubicles, I would be more than happy to help cover the windows and remake/rehang the curtains to accommodate. :smile:

I think there may already be other plans for the cubicles?

Cool. Are those plans listed anywhere for review?

Christian is probably the best person to answer that. I think Tom Bloom may have drawn up some floor plans awhile back?

Anyway it’s my impression that at least some of that space is being cleared to house the new laser cutter and to relocate the existing laser cutter.

But I’m just relaying 3rd hand info I’ve heard because I’ve been indirectly involved in the process of acquiring the new laser cutter.


Thank you Curt.

@scotts, that seems like a really great idea, till you’re about to change and realize that there’s a window with no blinds in each of the studios. Lol. #triedthat I think that’s when we decided we needed a dressing room and shortly after that, the cool pop up one appeared. :slight_smile:

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I found the small peg hooks and did a lot of hooking last night. Three cheers for pegboard storage! If anyone else needs hooks we have plenty.