Table saw up again 2/25/2022

Table saw running again.

I’ve cleaned contacts, tightened circuit boards, run tests and SawStop seems thoroughly satisfied with putting the saw back in operation.

Thr tripped brakes are being sent for analysis and I will publish the results when available.

That said, we are using a Diablo 40-Tooth General Purpose blade for the time being. It is a very decent blade and should perform admirably in most situations.

In addition, SawStop has offered to send “a one-time courtesy brake for [us] to perform the “hotdog” test.” I would like to host a space-wide safety event with the controlled tripping of the sawstop as a highlight. I will bring this up at the March Area Leads Meeting, and most likely approach the Board with it at the Board Meeting on St. Patrick’s Day March 17th.

Thanks again for your patience.


I want to see this done with a screwdriver and a saw blade made of bologna…

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Thanks for your work @squarenuts. I used the saw today and it cut as smooth as silk.

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Seems dangerous…and messy.

You’ve never cut silk have you?


I’d like to do a FB live of this event.


I was like 'I bet Malissa has some interesting vocabulary when cutting silk. I seem to remember it wasn’t as easy as I thought ’ LOL

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You are correct. Maybe I should have said ‘cut like a knife through warm butter’? :grinning:

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