Table saw extension

I have debated about commenting on this for awhile. The wood extension on the table saw is for holding extra long pieces that are being cut by one person. It is not a work surface for gluing projects together. Doug cleaned dried glue off of it a month or so ago and I have cleaned some off twice since then. I’m order to get accurate cuts from the saw, the stock needs to be able to move level in relation to the saw table, not to over a lump of glue. There are 2 work benches in the other woodshop room for doing assembly and glueups, please use these and leave the saw table for sawing. Rant over.


perhaps just getting a narrow workbench for the tablesaw side of the shop would also help out. ive cleaned said surface a couple of times myself. however something else i have noticed is the blade doesn’t sot at true 90°, ive even had to resaw a few pieces when it got 88°.

There’s really no room for another workbench in that shop.

The stop on the saw is set for 90. There’s also a square in the tool box to verify the blade angle.