Table saw again

The table saw is down again.

Any specific issue to share? It was working earlier today.

The red and green lights just blinked when I turned it on. I left at 4pm.

Were they both blinking at the same speed? If so, that means that the contact paddle was on, and needed to be turned off before initializing. It’s entirely possible that I mistakenly left the paddle on and just flipped the switch off. If green was slower and red was faster, that means a contact was detected during startup, which could mean something is misaligned. We’ve had that issue in the past if the riving knife wasn’t locked in right.


More info, please.

Is this error chart posted on or near the saw?

Yeah, there is a sticker on the left-hand side of the switch box. It is a bit hard to notice if you look at the machine from the front, though.

since we are talking about the table saw, i think the fence needs to be aligned.

It worked fine earlier today and just now. I’ll look at the fence

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I did not have any trouble with the table saw last night. I did make a slight adjustment to the fence.

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