Support Local made goods

I would love to see this kind of support for local made goods. How can we work to obtain that?

Hmmm… it employs people at Christmas. It takes a 35-45% commission. So I think this is probably a micro business for someone.
0.) Start a business and get the sales tax stuff understood really good.
1.) Make a call for Artists and choose some good looking works.
2.) Rent a building for 1 month
3.) Hire some temp employees (and probably work yourself and various relatives)
4.) Advertise
5.) Sell all the stuff you can
6.) Encourage Artists to produce more of what is selling out.
7.) Total up all the sales - Cost of building - Cost of Utilities - Cost of Labor - Your Profit. Then take that number and if it was between 35% and 45% of sales, then give that back to the Artists as checks. (or refigure with a lower profit for you if not in that range.
8.) Repeat next year from step 1. (Which should be better than this year.)

Follow the above formula or get someone else to do it.