Sunday looks Awesome


I say we make a party out of it…
And invite EVERYONE


Y’all have fun! :blush:



While the weather looks to be lovely, I’m just not in a party spirit this weekend


I’m sorry to anyone who is offended by the timing of my suggestion.

The Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade is tragic. A lot of people are feeling hurt and anger and I count myself among those grieving. My suggestion to party is a request to come together in celebration of our friendship. Comradery sustains me in what I see as good times, and even more so in the bad times. Make no mistake, I suggested that we party because of the weather, but it is in keeping with my grieving. To those hurting, I love you guys. The invitation stands for anyone who is in a place to benefit from it. After the Garden Committee meeting I hope to enjoy the weather, some food, and more importantly sharing some hearty hugs in this difficult time, bolstering my resolve and my own sanity in the comfort of any others who care to join me. I suspect I’ll need it too as things look to get worse before better.


Thank you @squarenuts for providing everything for the party today!

Just a tiny party, but I very much enjoyed the garden with you all!

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