anyone use sublimination paper on tee shirt ?
can it be used with regular inkjet ?

You can make a sublimation printer from some inkjet printers, but the inks are not compatible with each other. Once dye sub ink is run through an inkjet printer lines that printer can’t be used for regular ink and visa versa.

Dye sublimation ink is different than regular inkjet ink. It is converted to a gas under heat and bonds to synthetic poly fibers and surfaces.


The prices on these machines has signaficatly dropped but yes the ink is expensive. I looked at a unit that was 11x14 paper in a bundle with heat press and mug press $1500 for the set to reorder ink was about $350 but nowhere was information on how many prints you could possibly get from it. I got to know the local rep who supplies GoCreate and when we reopen I plan to have him visit. I do know the fabric we were using It cost $18 per yard to do the sublimation and that was just to cover the ink cost the print size was 44x36 and the printer and drum heat press took up a bit of space. The press took 45 mins to get to 425 degrees. We had to leave it running as we used it and it had to continue to spin when you turned the heating element off until it cooled down.

Techniques on the cheap you can convert a 200$ inkjet like Epson ecotank et-2720
And buy sub ink refill online 25.99$ set

Works good enough for photos from what i see
Printer must be new with not ever having inkjet ink in it
I got the rest of the equipment

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I’m amazed but the last time I looked was about 6 months ago and that Epson is less than 500 good to know.

199$ target

ok we tried a tee shirt transfer it went well
But when we tried to sublimation on a ceramic mug it did not transfer
What kind of temperature and time have you tried ? I understand it might be different between different inks& paper but I’m just looking for base ideas
Also any suggestions for printing ceramic mugs
Been all over youtube

Pretty sure regular ceramic mugs won’t work. They must be coated with some sort of polymer.

Thx Eric. Wonder if it is possible to make the coating