Stock Pot (Will Pay With Salsa!)

I’m hoping to find a stock pot to borrow for canning salsa this weekend. 20 quart or larger would be ideal. I’d be happy to pay for the rental with some excellent salsa!

I have a canning pot you can use. I don’t know exactly how large it is other then that’s what it’s for,

If hers isnt big enough i have a few 20+qt stock pots I used to can in before I got a pc.

it doesn’t say how big it is. I’ll be at the maker space Wednesday night if you would like for me to bring it.


I think that could work! I’d be happy to meet you at the maker’s space Wed. night. What would be a good time to meet you there?



Thanks, Devin. I might be interested in using a couple to speed up the process. Would I be able to borrow a couple of yours as well? I can meet you at the maker’s space or wherever is most convenient.


I will be at the MakeICT from 6 to 9 on Wednesday in the textiles area.

Great! See you then.

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I’ll be down there tomorrow too.

Cale I won’t be down there until later this evening. I pm’d you my contact info.

Hey Krissie,
Let me know when you’ll be at the maker’s space next and I can return your canning pot to you!


I will be there today at 1230.

Great! See you then.