still showing our old address

I just saw this today on Stay Happening . com: <— Don’t go there, please

Basic Soldering and Introductory Electronics

MON APR 26 2021 AT 06:00 PM TO 08:00 PM UTC-05:00

MakeICT | Wichita


Solder together a basic circuit and learn about the basics of electronics with the nearly Amazon James Seymour!

MakeICT, 1500 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, United States

I’ve never heard of this site and on my phone I can’t find events for Wichita. I will have to check this out when I’m on my computer. When I moved here I looked up computer use stats. At that time less than 50% of home had computers and half of that number the only computer was a phone. I think I checked again right before pandemic and it was 78% and I believe over 50% was phones. While at my house we have phones, desk top, laptop, tablet, xbox, and Smart TV(amazon fire stick has a web browser app).

They are only kind of wrong!

Literally the only references I have in all my emails or on the drive is this thread. I’m pretty sure it’s just a site scraping things, and nothing we’ve ever intentionally interacted with.

And from the total of 24 results for the site in quotes on google (which removes the nearly 3 million self-links), I’m going to suggest it simply be ignored. In fact, @David unless you are familiar with it aside from this, I’d actually suggest removing the links in your post, so you don’t direct traffic/reputation to a link/bot farm.



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