Small parts storage solution

Storage organizer

I don’t want to be labeled with the H word by wife any longer, so I feel I need to be more organized.

I have a shelf of boxes with little parts bag in a totally unorganized mess. I was looking for more of the grey parts bins with clear drawers to add to my collection to cover the rest of my walls, but I am looking for a better solution.

I ran across this video, and am thinking of building a custom solution similar to his, but half as wide and 6ft tall that will fit in my current office layout. Much of the wood work will have to wait until we get the woodshop back and going.

If anyone else out there has come up with a good storage solution to tame the parts beast please help me out.

I have started making little things to organize and optimize space. Wire hanging clips to attach to my shelves.


I am forever battling clutter at home.

There are some great storage solutions on thingaverse. But one thing I’ve learned is you have to maintain it. So if you want my advice… then you haven’t seen my basement.

I will be watching this thread with interest.

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The possibilities are endless, and run the gamut of complimentary potential (or not).

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Tell me if you find a nice way to store cables and cords. We have a zillion and they’re just in boxes and I hate it.

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Zomagid cables. And you KNOW you have a cable for that somewhere and you JUST tore the house apart looking for that small bag of buck converters so you know its not…

I have printed and they do hold usb cables brilliantly but the arms are a tad flimsy. I print them wall side down so that might have something to do with it. Because the the layers run parallel to the primary force. I run some superglue along the arms to strengthen it.

Keep in mind I am the master of mess…

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I know a few people who save their toilet paper cardboard cores. Roll each cable up and stuff it in a tube. The tubes can be stacked, and if you roll the cord up right, both connectors are visible at one end.


And while most of us knew what he meant I’m ashamed to say I can relate

I use velcro cable ties the hind you might use to manage pc cables they are super cheap and look nice

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I have two giant boxes of cables … old cables and newer cables… we need to get that one solved. The newer ones I put in ziplock bags labeling them. The old box is a snarl… when we get the solution worked out, maybe we can fix the space up… or we could test some solutions there to see what works.