Sinkhole, need truck or trailer to move fill

So a small sinkhole opened up in my backyard, and i need to fill it.
Bag sand is expensive, and I need a yard and a half of mason sand for my patio anyway but hadn’t budgeted for either of these things.
If someone has a hefty truck or small but robust trailer that could handle two yards of sand and an hour or two I would most grateful!!!

Man, and I think most dump truck services have a 6 yard minimum.

Are you needing a load of dirt or masonry sand? I think most half ton trucks are good for hauling a half yard at a time.

I’d like to pick up 3 yards of masonry sand.
Which is 2 tons according to Cornejo.

Are you sure you don’t have a sewer line break? Before filling in a sink hole I’d check what caused it.

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The streets and sewer crews both came out. But I’ll call my plumber too.

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How deep is the sinkhole? Maybe just make a small koi pond.


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The streets and sewer crews both came out. But I’ll call my plumber too.

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I’m not sure how much a couple yards of sand weighs but my flatbed will haul a couple tons. Unloading would be a bit of a pain since the tilt deck doesn’t have a means of tilting rn.

Edit: just read the comment about cornejo weigh estimate

The Cornejo weight estimate seems low for 3 cubic yards….everyone else says dry sand is at least 2200# per yard

Why sand instead of fill dirt?

That was my dyslexic fingers being backwards.

Because it coincides with my other project.
Purchase minimums put me near where I already need to be for my patio.
So, I guess economy of scale would be the real answer.

Well, however you end up moving it, be sure you strap it down well!

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There’s someone in Derby selling crushed asphalt for $10 per ton, delivered (with a 15 ton minimum, so $150). Do we need to fill out our parking lot at all?


I rented a dump trailer from Andover Rental a couple years ago for a reasonable price. Hauled tons of clay/dirt and brought back limestone pulled by a Tacoma. The next two weekends aren’t good for me but I can pull the trailer if you can wait.

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That van of yours should hold a lot if you fill it to the roof and keep the back doors closed! All you really need is to cut a decent-sized hole in the top and get a really big funnel…


@mikeb Sometimes I hate it when you’re right!

Sewage came out and dropped a few dye oacks and a few hundred gallons down the unphasedly thirsty sinkhole. A dyepack flushed down the toilet failed to make it to the sewer.

Looks like I’ve fallen in to a multi- thousand dollar expense.

Fortunately for all of you kind and generous folk and your much appreciated offers of assistance, I probably won’t be calling on it any time soon.

Thanks for all the support!


I’m not always happy when I’m right either. Sorry to hear that you’re going to have the unexpected expense.