Shopbot Bits

I’d like to buy some shop bot bits for personal use. Can somebody provide info on a good source, specs and expected cost? My planned project requires 1\16" bits and if I provide my own i won’t feel guilty if I break it.

What material are you cutting, and how deep do you need to go? What type of features are you cutting?

Planning on a fancy script font 1/4 deep in 1/2 oak. What concerns me is my lack of experience and the high liklyhood if breaking a 1/16” bit. I’d rather it be my bit.

Personally I would just use the 60 degree v bit for any script. This is simulated at 1/4 inch cut to me it looks more like it was traditionally carved.

Yeah, that’s what I would recommend. A v bit is probably a better choice unless you have a good reason not to use one. They are great for engraving text, and much harder to break. It will also go a lot faster.

Is there a particular reason you are wanting to use a 1/16th bit to engrave your text?

I have found Whiteside bits to be very high quality. I have bought them from Amazon and other vendors.

Thanks for all the good advice. I have ordered a couple of 1/16th already but I’ll try out the V bit too. I agree it has a good look.